With high tea happening less on land and more flying high in the sky Рhave you ever wondered where high tea started? What the history was? Well this amazing info graphic, via, tells the different customs and history of tea:

This graphic shows the elegance, that pomp and circumstance associated with the tradition of high tea. With big colorful hats and white napkins and dainty little things. With milk and sugar cubes, tiers and tiers of pastries, and a sheer pastel elegance, even in the clothing. The staff and having people pour your tea for you, the elegance – it’s just amazing to think about, that this is what tea is.

So, maybe with this – next time you sit down for a cuppa, you can add that old fashioned elegance again. Have some cute¬†sandwiches, adhere the traditions, and let yourself just be proper, or rather “propah”.

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