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Make Your Own Tea Bag

As common as they are in grocery stores, tea bagged tea is not the way to go. Often it is not the most high quality tea and the size of that little square bag doesn’t allow the tea to stretch and expand to the best cup of tea that there can be. Loose tea is where it’s at – you often get the whole leaf, the best quality loose leaf tea, and ultimately the best taste. That said, you do have to figure out how to brew the tea – do you let it hang loose in the pot? do you use an infuser? If you nostalgically or aesthetically just love the tea bag – you can have your loose tea and your teabag to. You can make you own tea bag – a reusable cloth one. 

Craft Leftovers has a great how to in terms of making your cloth re-usable tea bag:

Make Your Own Tea Bag

The spaciousness of the bag allows for the tea to expand and can help keep it contained. To use it, you can put 1 tablespoon of tea per every 6 ounces of water.  They can be washed with a little bit of warm water and be let to hang out to dry. You may even want to make multiples depending on your tea drinking habit. 

This is a great idea and alternative to straining or infusing and a definite way to make your tea drinking habit greener. 

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