As wonderful as a cup of tea can be, it can get kind of hot especially for June.  You can go to iced tea or even go for a tea frappe, but even that can get old. As it turns out, one cool treat you could have is tea jello.

Tea Jello

Whether you remember Jello for that treat you had as a kid or otherwise – it is definitely a great way to enjoy your tea. The blog Use Real Butter provides a great recipe for the wobbly treat:

Tea Jellies

1 cup water, boiling

enough tea to make a strong cup
scant 1/4 cup sugar
1 envelope (or 2 sheets) of gelatin

Steep the tea in the hot water until desired strength (much stronger than you would drink it, but not bitter). Stir in sugar until dissolved. Sprinkle powdered gelatin* over the hot tea and stir until completely dissolved. Pour into vessel(s) and refrigerate until set.

*If using sheets, soak sheets in cold water in a bowl. When sheets are softened, add to hot tea and stir until dissolved

The great part of this recipe is all of the varieties of tea you could try and what you could mix in. You could try fruit flavorings with white tea or green tea, try different black teas with honey, or all matters of herbal tea. Rose tea in particular could be a beautiful jello to try. It would be a great way to impress friends at parties or even something to introduce children to tea with.

However you try it, tea jello is definitely something to cross off your tea bucket list – no matter what season.

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