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Tea Service On Singapore Airlines

Tea has been flying these days. First British Airlines announced their special Twinings tea for flying and now Singapore Airlines is jumping on the aircraft.  Singapore Airlines has launched a new English Tea service for business and first class passengers on selected flights between London and Singapore.This new option – which is being offered on flights SQ317 ,departing London at 1055,  and SQ305 ,leaving Heathrow at 1515,  is being launched in response to “the resurgence in demand for the time-honoured and quintessential Afternoon Tea”. It includes open cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches , warmed currant scones with clotted cream and jam, and petit fours, including a ‘Milk Chocolate Tear’ and a fresh berry fruit tart.Passengers will also be offered the No.16 Afternoon Tea and No.42 Earl Grey tea blends from Harrods.

With SIA now serving tea on their airplanes – it seems that tea really is the thing.  Although people used to try and pitch it as such, flying is not a glamorous thing. Stressed and harried you try to get through all the gates, get scanned and searched and squeeze into the plane just in time, often to watch lackluster movies and bad reruns for 10 plus hours. This putting of the finest teas and tea services on airplanes means that they are trying to help people get comfortable in what is arguably one of the least comfortable places. Tea is the comfort that people need when they are so far from their soft warm homes and friendly pots of tea. It is an acknowledgement that tea can make one of the least relaxing environments safe and warm- and that is something for us tea lovers to be happy about. Maybe one day there’ll be good cups of tea in all of the aircrafts. With all these aircrafts drying to bring high tea up to the skies, that day doesn’t seem far away.

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