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There is something lovely about that perfect tea cup – that one that you always want to be clean and will use again and again. Perfect size, perfect shape, perfect warmth. Inside that cup lies your home, your safe place. It is the cup from where your creativity flows forth, It is the cup that tells you that everything is going to be okay, in that cup is ritual and solitude – the tea cup is about as important as the tea you put in it.

Everyday innovators are making a better tea cup, another cup to add to your collection that can take tea drinking to the next level. Here are some examples of people making that new perfect tea cup,


First there’s the Dunk Mug with biscuit holder, top left image, that allows for you to store biscuits or other treats within the cup you are drinking from. How many times do you eat cookies with your tea? It practically goes with tea, especially on cold winter nights – getting the warmth and sweetness at the same time.
The top right image, MyCuppaTea, has a color guide along the inside of your mug so that you know what color the tea should be according to the type and according to the amount of milk or creamer you put into the tea. It’s like the interior design method of tea drinking.

Another interesting thing is the self stirring tea glass, bottom left, where if you swill the glass a little, the ball at the bottom of the glass will mix tea – no spoons required. It is an elegant and interesting design. There is even, now, glassware that you can write on. You can write to-do lists, bottom middle, on your glass mug when you start thinking about your day and then erase it later.

Last but not least, there is a mug, bottom right, made in an elliptical shape and with the handle shaped differently so that the center of gravity closer to the hand – making it easier to carry and move around.

The possibilities are endless and new innovative tea cups and mugs are happening every day. So next time you’re drinking that perfect cup of tea in that perfect cup – maybe think about experimenting with some more experimental mugs – or even do some designing yourself – that cup of tea could be even more awesome than it already is.

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  • tea cups
    April 9, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    Agree, it’s very important to have a favorite tea cup. I’ve worn out a few, and it’s equally as nice to have to shop for a new ‘favorite’. Love the dunk mug!


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