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Turn that Hat into a Tea Cosy

Turn that Hat into a Tea Cosy

Every now and then it’s just nice to sit down, with friends or alone, and have a pot of tea. The best way to keep that warm is to have a tea cosy – knitted, crochet’ed, or even quilted. A small towel will work, but it simply isn’t as charming as having an adorable tea cosy on your adorable tea pot. Looking on Etsy, Ebay, or beyond, a cute tea cosy could cost as much as $25 or more. Then there’s actually attempting to make one, which would be easy if you’re an accomplished quilter, knitter or crocheter. If not, there’s a more thrift shop approach to making a tea cosy:

1. Locate a knit hat you don’t intend on wearing. It might be that bright tangle of wool some relative made for you that you would never wear, or even that charming hat you bought at goodwill for $4 but never wore. You could even go out searching for this hat – find that perfect hat at a flea market that’s covered in cats and pom poms. It’s your preference.

2. Cut 2 ideally situated holes in the hat. One for the spout and one for the handle. You can do this by slipping it on the tea pot if necessary. Depending on the hat – you may have to do some sealing – whether with duct tape or hot gluing fabric around the holes. Hopefully if the knitting is not too loose, that will not have to be done.

3. Apply Finishing Touches. Depending on your level of skill, you can attach beading to your hat or any decoration.  You could even cut a hole in the top for the lid of the tea pot if that is something you want.

And now you have a tea cosy – probably for around $5 if not for almost nothing. It’s a charming and cheap way to keep that tea warm and add a little pomp to your personal tea ceremony. So, go ahead – turn that winter hat into a tea cosy. For the skilled crochet, knitting, and quilting artisans out there – there are so many amazing designs and cosy’s to make.  So whether you’re about to start knitting up a storm or cutting up some old hats – keep your tea warm in an amazing, beautiful, and totally you way. Even if that you is a little bit thrifty.


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