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Man Opens Fire on Tea House for ‘Overpriced Tea’ of 65 Cents

Yesterday the Turkish police were hunting a man who fired multiple bullets in a tea house in Turkey, after he was charged ‘double’ for a glass of traditional tea.

The man was asked to pay 2 Turkish Lira for a cup. In terms of USD it’s only 65 cents, but in other parts of Turkey it’s usually sold for about half the price.

What followed is a fight between the man and the owner. Though ushered by his friends, he returned later and fired 4 times at the tea house while inside his car, according to Sabah Daily. Luckily, there was no fatal accident. Only one elderly person sitting at the tea house at the time was injured in the ear. Police is still looking for the mad tea drinker.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATurkish Tea House Interior

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Tea Drinking in Turkey

In Turkey black tea, also known as çay, is often served in  tulip glasses, and its the post popular hot drink in the country. And this might surprise you: Turkey is among the top countries with the average consumption per person in the world with about 1,000 cups a year per inhabitant.

turkish tea kettle

It’s therefore not strange as the beverage is an important part of Turkish culture, which is also reflected in the fact that it is the drink to serve to visiting guests. Sometimes beet sugar is used to sweeten the tea. The brew is usually served very strong, as it’s prepared in a special Turkish kettle.

Tea is bowled in upper kettle with leaves, while the lower kettle is filled with only water. This results in a very strong brew. However, guests can use the remaining water from the lower kettle to control the taste.

Tea is served in a tulip shaped glass. Not only because one enjoys the shape, but this design also makes sure the edges stay cool to hold the glass.

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