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Let’s make some tea!

It’s tea time somewhere!

Below is a charming guide via, a blog in which the owner pairs different tea with different characters from pop culture. For example she pairs Bilbo Baggins from the Hobbit with Irish breakfast tea  and Moriarty from Sherlock with Chai Tea. Fandoms aside, this fantastic guide is a wonderful source that goes through the numerous ways you can make a good “cuppa tea”:

This adorable graphic goes through what is inherently necessary to make, as she puts it, “an awesome cuppa tea”. The guide goes through, as you can see, the temperature of the water, how to steep it, and even goes through different things you can put in your tea. This is a great guide to start looking at what different worlds of tea you can explore. If you grew up on black tea, use this to figure out herbal and floral teas, if you usually use sugar cubes, try some lemon, if you usually use the microwave, try literally putting “the kettle on” – there are multiple ways to be a tea sipping rock-star. I think I’ll be rocking out with some chai tonight.


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