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Green Tea is found likely to prevent Breast Cancer

As found in Nathan Gray article on, a study published in Nutrition Journal has found

consumption of Green Tea may reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by modifying the metabolism of oestrogen, according to new research

The study looked at the possible association between drinking green tea and “urinary oestrogens ” and “oestrogen metabolites”- finding that high intake of green tea can modify oestrogen metabolism and conjugation and can in this way “influence breast cancer risk”. This study was led by Dr. Barbara Fuhrman from the National Cancer Institute of the United States National Institute of Health. Oestrogen Metabolism is one of the known causal elements of breast cancer. Oestrogen is a variant of Estrogen and affects various female sexual characteristics. Essentially, although more tests need to be run,  if you consume a lot of green tea, you may be less likely to get breast cancer. It was found in the study that  when post-menopausal Japanese women consumed large quantities of Green Tea, there were “reduced urinary concentrations of oestrone”. So now in addition to the potential to fight heart disease, lowering cholesterol, preventing diabetes, and staving off Alzheimer’s, and the sheer power of its antioxidants – it could also prevent breast cancer. There’s even more reason to go green, not only because it’s so delicious, but to prevent even more pink ribbons in the future

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