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Flying Teapot Becomes ‘Vomiting’ Teapot

Warning, if you’re about to brew yourself a nice cuppa tea, then don’t read further. If you aren’t then this story is definitely entertaining.

An article this week by reports that a teapot sculpture outside of a tea factory in Chongqing turned green due to algae grow. Pictures of this ‘flying teapot’ that turned into a ‘vomiting teapot’ went viral in China. See below:

According to the owner of the factory the flying teapot sculpture is supposed to enhance the corporate image of the company. At first the sculpture was made of plastic, but because due to whether it often needed to be repaired. A layer of cement was used to strengthen it. However, what the makers didn’t know that it’s easy for algae to grow on cement.

The Chongqing tea factory has yet to communicate how this problem will be solved.

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