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China’s Famous Anji White Tea Region Suffering Unprecedented Drought

With three days of temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, Anji county is experiencing an unprecedented drought. The region famous for its luxury green tea: Anji White Tea.

Tea farmers are all trying to obtain as much water as possible. Farmers are transporting water by different means of transportation, some with tricycles, some with flatbed, some with motorcycles, as well as the shoulder plastic buckets. It looked like an army carrying water.

“If today it’s not going to rain the small reservoir would be completely drained. Farmers have to walk down the mountain to carry buckets of water up,” said Village party branch secretary Sheng Awei worried.

Anji white tea” production in Zhejiang Anji, won the Chinese well-known trademarks, China brand-name products and other honors. At present, the area has grown to 10 acres, yield 1300 tons, the output value of 1.45 billion yuan of scale. Because Anji whit tea has become an increasingly popular tea, this has attracted the attention of society.

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