Tea 2.0 – high tech infusers

The way we drink tea is getting more and more innovative nowadays – it isn’t simply the choice between using tea bags, a strainer or drinking it loose. There are tons of gadgets and tools to either make tea drinking easier or even just to make you feel like a secret agent. There are particularly a lot of infusers.

P.T. design is currently in development in making this beast:

a tea timer and a tea steeper at the same time. Talk about streamlining tea – not doing that awkward dance of

“is my tea ready?”

“I don’t know… it kind of looks dark enough…”

“I’ll just take it out” –

when this tea is done. it is done. More information can be found at the website here.

Brewed daily also lists a lot of tchotckes that you can brew with in this article including a manatee that brews your tea

as well as a shark tea infuser

a variable temperature electric kettle,

and even plastic collapsable tea strainers

and this blog post is really just the tipping point. There are tons of ways out there to make that cup of tea cuter or even more innovative.  Though there is nothing quite that old strainer you always use, or that good old kettle on the stove – it might be the time to to let out that tea drinking secret agent in all of us.


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