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Tea is Preferred Beverage in the UK

Tea Preferred Beverage in the UK

As it turns out, the stereotypes are right – recent studies found tea is preferred beverage in the U.K. Even the expansion of coffee and coffeeshops have not lessened the so British need for tea. Britons drink on average nearly 166 million cups of tea a day, according to a new survey conducted by WRVS, a charity group associated with older members of society.  The survey, in addition, shows that almost 25% of the people in the UK have a habit of drinking five or more cups per day, which is equal to 11 million gallons of tea in total. More than 14 million Britons have said that they can’t work on their first thing without drinking tea.

Out of the 11 million gallons, most people like to drink their tea as mid-dark brown and only 3% consumes consume their tea with milkiest looking shade. Almost 38% of the people use the same cup or mug for their tea; more than 50% have not changed their way of drinking in years and a 7% likes to make their tea by own.

WRVS marketing and development executive director Verity Haines says

“A cup of tea, especially when it comes with a friendly ear, is a welcome combination, particularly to many of the older people we support who may not see anyone but a WRVS volunteer that week.”

There is some comfort to be had in the fact that tea is preferred beverage in the UK still. The people who still drink that traditional English Breakfast with milk and sugar. Hopefully more people are drinking herbal teas, green and white teas, and many others in the UK, but if not it’s nice to know they’re still drinking. So raise a cuppa to that and if you’re in the UK – raise four or five cups.

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