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Bubble Tea Museum In Taichung

Bubble Tea Museum Could Open in Taichung

A  bubble tea museum  could open in Taichung, Taiwan by the end of this year to promote both tea culture and local tourism. The Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House, which is a locally renowned bubble tea maker, said it hopes the museum will better introduce to tourists the quintessential Taiwan-originating tea, complete with its black tapioca balls at the bottom of the cup.

As Angela Liu, the tea house manager says,

“We could take the opportunity to promote Taiwanese bubble tea to foreign tourists,”

She said the museum is likely to provide information on the tea, along with courses that will allow visitors to hand-shake their own beverages. The idea of offering hands-on experiences came from a successful program the tea house is already running, which it developed with the Tourism Bureau about two years ago amid Taiwan’s bid to diversify its travel services through offering more in-depth travel options.

This is very interesting news – to have both a bubble tea museum and a program that could help teach those interested to make the tea themselves. As popular as bubble tea has been in recent years, if this museum goes through, it is sure to be a hot spot for tea.

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