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Vietnam to Hold Their Second International Tea Festival

Vietnam to Hold Their Second International Tea Festival

From the JC Penney Hitler Tea Pot to the continuing health studies coming out every day – it is an exciting time for tea. In fact the date is set for Vietnam to hold their second international tea festival.  Vietnam’s Second International Tea Festival 2013 will be held in northern Thai Nguyen province from Nov. 8-11 to highlight tea value in economic development and promote its exports. There will be representatives from foreign countries which import Vietnamese tea, such as China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and South Korea, and they will participate in the festival. These representatives are in addition to the  domestic companies from 34 provinces having potential in tea growing, processing and trading.

Six major events will be organized, including the opening and closing ceremonies, a festival on tea culture, a carnival on Thai Nguyen tea, a seminar on Thai Nguyen-brand tea and promotion of tea exports, and a beauty contest for tea-growing localities. There will be also a photo exhibition about Thai Nguyen tea growing land and people, a market displaying tea and other local products, and artistic performances. Vietnam’s first international tea festival held in Thai Nguyen province in 2011 attracted domestic tea producers and traders, representatives of 28 embassies and more than 30 international organizations in Vietnam, and nine countries and territories importing Vietnamese tea.

It will definitely be an exciting time to learn about the global commerce of tea and just to learn more about it. Whether you’ll be around for the festivities or watching from afar – it is great that there are celebrations like this happening. It’s definitely something to raise a cuppa to.

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