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Use Green Tea as a Facial Scrub

Use Green Tea as a Facial Scrub

Along with its numerous health benefits drinking, Green Tea can also be used to make a homemade exfoliant. You can use Green Tea as a facial scrub – just mix it with yogurt. According to the Herbwife’s kitchen, here is how you make it and use it:


Today I made a lovely yogurt and green tea facial scrub. I think I’ll be using this one for a while. The ingredients? Yogurt and green tea. Yes, that’s all. Just grind up some green tea and mix it with enough plain yogurt to get the consistency you want. You can add a pinch of vitamin C powder if you have it, or a drop of essential oil if you want to scent it (though I like the fresh green tea smell, myself).

I use this concoction as a combination facial scrub / mask. I rub it on with circular strokes, letting the little bits of green tea do the scrubbing. I leave it on for a few minutes to give the lactic acid and cultures in the yogurt a chance to work on my skin. Then I just rinse.

This concoction is soothing to the skin and gently exfoliating. It is perfect for sensitive skin and there are even products on the market with the same ingredients charging you much more. It can even make a great gift, just remember to tell your lucky friend to keep it refrigerated.

So, that’s another thing you can do with Green tea. Now you can have your tea and exfoliate with it too! It’s a great way to have good health, skin deep and beyond.

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