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Add Dried Lemons to Your Tea

Add Dried Lemons to Your Tea

In terms of tea – Lemons are a staple. When someone asks “How do you take your tea?” the response is with cream and sugar, honey, or lemon.  They often add that tang, that precise zing that brings the tea to the next level.  Something even next level to that are dried lemons. You can make dried lemon tea  or even mix the dried lemons with other kinds of tea like green or black or even make a ginger lemon tea.  Not only is this a tasty drink but something that contains innumerable health benefits.

Lemons are known for containing vitamin C, which helps the body by strengthening its immune system. Lemons also help lower blood pressure, increase the size of blood vessels  to make blood flow smoothly, and it is even known to decrease the amount of lead in the body. New studies also suggest that this vitamin helps slow down the aging process by lowering the amount of free radicals that are found in the body.The citric acid also in lemons  helps the body in various ways. Strangely, this acid actually helps lower down the acidity level to help with digestion. Citric acid also aids in the dissolving of kidney stones and calcium deposits, and in turn helps prevent the formation of the same items. It also helps the body absorb minerals faster, and this acid has anti-oxidants which help fight against cancer.

Lemons also help in detoxifying the liver as well as cleaning the bowels by aiding in the movement of the kidneys. It helps in fighting against parasites, and even the peel has a potent material known as tangeretin, a phytonutrient that is said to help fight mental disorders.

With all of these health benefits, it’s good reason to add dried lemons to your tea. It’ll even make it taste better.

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