For thousands of years Chinese people have consumed herbal teas because of their healing properties. Among the herbal teas that have gained popularity outside of China, Jujube tea is probably one of the most successful. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Natural Sedative: The fact that jujube tea has the potential to magnify relaxation is the main reason why jujube tea has become one of the most widely used Chinese herbal tea. Research by South China University and Technology shows how jujube extracts induce hypnotic effects by limiting monoaminergic activity, or the release of stimulating neurotransmitters. The overall effect of the tea was “prolonged sleep time” to which researchers also credit the saponins components of jujube tea, or its metabolic properties and the fruit’s main bioactive factors.
  2. Liver Rejuvenation: Academic findings published in the medical journal Transplantation Proceedings in 2010 shows significant potential of jujube tea extracts in treating damage to the liver and the oxidative stress caused by free radicals. The research focused on measuring jujube tea’s healing properties after a 40-minute loss of blood flow to the liver. The results shows that the high antioxidant content of the jujube tea is positive related to who received the extract over a 7-day period.
  3. Digestive Aid: Making tea from jujube tea for digestive aid stems from the Chinese knowledge that the fruit adds moisture to the body. Recent studies from the National Chung Hsing and National Taiwan Universities confirms this belief stating that jujube tea “increased fecal moisture” and “shortened gastrointestinal transit time” by 34 to 57 percent in researched subjects. Jujube tea is also believed to reduce toxic ammonia in the intestines through elevating concentrations of fatty acids.
  4. Taste: While many herbal teas have a bitter taste, jujubes have a refreshing apple taste. For those we don’t like to infuse jujubes for making tea, it’s good to know that dried jujubes can actually be consumed like chips.

Have you tried Jujube Tea before? If so, feel free to share your experiences with us!

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