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Some Tea Beauty Tips

Some Tea Beauty Tips

During the summer it’s romantic to want that “beach look”- sun kissed skin, gently highlighted hair, and smooth clear skin. As it turns out that iced tea you’re drinking more and more this summer could help you with that look this summer. Here are some tea beauty tips via Haute Living:

Here are some ways that you can use tea this summer for your beauty regimen-

  1. For a Safe Tanned Hue

To get that tanned skin, you could replace your tanning products with a homemade tea recipe. Brew a strong cup of red or black tea and use it to give that glow to your skin.  Apply the tea to your skin with a cotton swab and allow it to dry before rinsing under a lukewarm shower. You can continually use this recipe to maintain a healthy glow all year round, without suffering the damaging effects of the sun.

       2. To Condition and Brighten Locks

To get that really nice beach hair and give your hair some extra summer shine,you could your locks with tea.  Prepare a generous infusion of golden chamomile (for blondes), bright rooibos (for redheads), or deep black tea (for brunettes) and apply to clean, freshly-washed hair for ten minutes before rinsing. This will condition your hair to make it more manageable, and seal in moisture for a glossy finish.  The tea pigments give a more natural finish to color, and with the addition of a spoonful of fresh lemon juice, can instantly lift natural highlights and brighten blonde hair.

        3. To Revitalize Tired Eyes

To get rid of those dark circles and puffy eye and have that relaxed carefree look, you can place two cool, pre-infused teabags on your eyes for a few minutes. If you don’t have tea bags, you could easily use cheese cloth, or any other napkins to put your excess tea in and put on your eyes.  The natural tannins and vitamins in the tea will decongest, stimulate, smooth and revitalize the contours of the eye while also alleviating dark circles to leave your eyes fresh and rejuvenated.

         4. Facial Toner

Tea can in general just really help your skin- it makes a great toner. Green tea has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties when applied to the skin.  To create a refreshing and detoxifying facial toner, infuse a very strong cup of green tea and add a spoonful of fresh lemon juice.  Pour into a spray bottle, shake before using and apply to the skin as a toner with a cotton swab.

And there you have it – some tea beauty tips to rejuvenate your skin, hair, and get those bags under your eyes. With these you can feel like you’ve been sipping tea on the beach all week, instead of maybe being it the office.

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  • Black teas
    July 22, 2013 at 10:32 am

    Classic black teas are amazing with their taste & classic grandeur to refresh your mornings and rejuvenate your tiresome evenings. Thanks for this article rendering some of the cool tea health benefits.


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