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With Summer in full swing, flowers blooming and sun shining, it can be easy for seasonal allergies or even a summer cold to really get you down. From inflammation, to a sore throat – when everyone else is having fun in the sun, it really sucks to be under the weather. Luckily there are some get well teas that can help you get over that summer cold.

It’s common knowledge that drinking a hot beverage, especially with honey, can help soothe a sore throat. That’s why we always have tea or soup to help us feel better.  In particular peppermint and cloves are both popular herbs that have been used as analgesics for centuries. They may temporarily numb your throat, making you feel more comfortable. Licorice teas are also widely used for this purpose. “The British Medical Journal” published a study in which researchers found that a tea containing licorice root, elm inner bark, marshmallow root and licorice root aqueous dry extract was more effective at easing sore throat pain than a placebo tea. So if you mix those in with your favorite tea, whether black, green, or any other type of tea – that could really help your sore throat.

In terms of helping your immune system and ultimately getting better faster, tea can help as well. To maintain a healthy immune system, your body needs a range of nutrients, the most important being zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folate and vitamins A, C, E and B-6, according to an article in the “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.” Teas that include these nutrients could help you fight the illness from within.”. Two teaspoons of peppermint leaves give you 136 milligrams of vitamin A, about 25 percent of the recommended daily intake for that nutrient. A teaspoon of dried thyme gives you 81 milligrams of calcium and 163 milligrams of vitamin A. Chamomile tea provides you with small amounts of most of these nutrients, but it is not particularly high in any of them. Read labels and find herbal teas rich in vitamins and minerals.

In addition, the flavonoids in Green Tea can help to deal with inflammation. When you drink it, it helps reduce swelling and soreness that is often associated with colds or allergies.

With this in mind, when you’re not quite feeling up to par- try a cuppa. It could help with your sore throat and even keep you well so you don’t get sick again the next time around. Either way, it’s important to talk to your doctor if your conditions worsen and talk to them about any changes in diet you make.

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