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Global Tea Production is Up 22 %

Global Tea Production is Up 22 %

More and more people are drinking tea these days. From coffee shops having more  tea offerings, to more and more tea products like trendy infusers and water boilers. It isn’t just tea accessories, Global tea production is up 22 %. Production increased January-April this yearby 21.56 per cent with output rising in Kenya and Sri Lanka.

As Rajesh Gupta, Publisher of annual Global Tea Digest, told Business Line,

“Global black tea production in the first four months of this year has increased to 412.94 million kg (mkg) from 339.69 mkg last year”

In April, Sri Lanka produced 33.30 mkg, Kenya 38.23 mkg , Malawi 5.51 mkg, Bangladesh 2.40 mkg  and Indonesia 5.10 mkg  of tea, according to the magazine. This shows that Kenyan output has increased by 64.89 mkg to 155.49 mkg. This is probably due to rain at good times during the season. Traders have gotten higher figures of tea than anticipated because of the extra rainfall.

In the four months, Sri Lanka produced 10.19 mkg more to reach 113.48 mkg and Indian output till March was 79.24 mkg.

This is good for the tea industry as a whole and for consumers to get more of that tea that they love. That 22% is something to definitely raise a cuppa to.

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