Cereal Tea

There is a new “tea” craze happening and believe it or not, it has to do with cereal milk. As many elementary schoolers have found and continued into adulthood, one of the best things about eating a sugary cereal is not the sugary cereal itself, but the milk after you finish it. It is often a different color and tastes like sugar, artificial flavoring and happiness. So restaurants like Momofuku Milk Bar are pulverizing cereal, putting it in tea bags, and steeping the cereal in hot milk. Thus creating all the artificial flavoring joy of cereal milk sans the actual cereal. Fans on the internet are even making manifestations of cereal milk themselves, bagging and crushing up cereal to make their own tasty treat for those not in New York City or Ontario.

While it cannot be condoned to cannibalize tea bags as some people are doing, it is definitely an interesting concept. Whose to say real tea couldn’t be mixed in with this cereal tea? A black tea could pair very well with Frosted Flakes and a fruity blend could bring Trix to the very next level. Especially using hot milk, these could be very rich teas indeed and definitely an interesting sugary thing to raise a cuppa to.



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