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2014 Spring First Flush Green Tea Coming Soon

What is first flush tea?

When it comes to green tea, the quality of the spring batch is usually the best. Especially when picked early spring. A few reasons why:

  • Fertile soil: without harvesting for months, the soil is the most fertile
  • Low weather temperature: green tea buds are allowed to grow slowly resulting concentrated flavors
  • Cool temperatures means less insects and therefore no need for pesticides use

First Flush Tea Arrival Schedule

Compared to 2013 the tea season has started later due to weather conditions in China. Good news though, our spring teas are slowly arriving!

1. First Flush Long Jing
Probably the most famous green tea in China and internationally. Enjoy this imperial quality green tea consisting of one bud and one/two leaves.

2. Ming Qian Huang Shan Mao Feng
Straight from our farmer in Huang Shan. One of China’s most popular high-end teas.
Expected: Mid April 2014

3. Anji Bai
Known by many as a white tea due to its name. However, Anji white is made using the Chinese green tea processing method and therefore should be classified as a green tea.
Expected: End April 2014

4. Xin Yang Mao Jian

Quality green tea straight from one of our favorite tea suppliers in Xin Yang town. There is nothing better than this Xin Yang from a family that has been producing this Mao Jian for generations.
Expected: End of April 2014

Besides the above teas there will be more teas coming in. They are left out of this list because we aren’t able to give an exact date yet. Thanks for reading 😉

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