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Give Yourself a Tea Rinse

Give Yourself A Tea Rinse

Hair can just be a major problem – sometimes it sheds everywhere, it looks dull and mousey, gets dry and poofy, and sometimes it just doesn’t look healthy. Believe it or not – tea could be the solution. Tea not only gives great  health benefits when you drink it, but you can also use it in your hair washing routine every once in a while to give it  that extra oomph. Just like you need an afternoon tea pick me up sometimes – your hair does too.

A Green or Black tea rinse can help with your hair shedding, can help your hair grow, and can thicken and strengthen hair. A green tea rinse in particular can help with psoriasis and dandruff,  can help rejuvenate dry hair,  prevent damage from UV radiation, and can strengthen and soften hair. Both Green and Black tea help hair, and you can even mix the teas together. Other types of teas, even herbal teas could have numerous benefits in helping your hair.

To give yourself a tea rinse:

1. Brew 2 Cups of Tea

2. Transfer your tea to a pitcher or a bowl ( You can even use a spray bottle if you want)

3. Start Washing your hair! After you shampoo your hair, you can apply the tea to your hair. After working it in for a couple minutes or so, you can rinse it out.

4. Then use a deep conditioner. The tea rinse, while helpful, can make your hair dry. It can even make your hair feel stiff and hard

And there you have it, a nice simple way to rejuvenate your hair.  Whether it’s the hot sun damaging your hair, wearing too many ponytails, or maybe your hair is just tired – this is a great simple way to bring your hair back the way it should be.

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