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How to Brew Dragon Well Tea The Right Way

Dragon Well tea is unquestionably the most famous green tea in China and commonly known worldwide. Some high quality Dragon Well teas are even more expensive than gold. If we use a wrong way to brew it, don’t you think that would be such a big waste? Today I will share my experience of brewing Dragon Well tea the right way.

Water for Brewing

Soft water is better for Dragon Well tea. It is suitable to effectively extract most of the substances from leaves. Hard water contains a higher level of mineral ions which suppress extraction of substances from leaf and the taste become very flat and thin.

Water Temperature

80° C or 180° F is the best temperature. Since Dragon Well is not fermented, the leaves are very easy to be damaged by boiling water. And boiling water may make the taste bitter and astringent.


Three brewing methods

The method of brewing Dragon Well green tea is named as ‘Down-Tossing Infiltration Brewing’. The leaf is in flat shape and therefore difficult to sink when brewed, just like dragons swimming in the water.

1. Dragon in the air

Fill the tea ware with hot water, and then add the tea leaves little by little, almost leaf by leaf. In this way, the tea is like dragons flying in the air and at last landing in the bottom.

2. Dragon in the water

Fill the tea ware with 1/3 hot water, slowly add the tea leaves, then add the rest of the water. In this way the teas rolling in the middle of the cup is like dragons swimming in the water.

3. Dragon diving underwater

First put the dry leaves in the tea ware, and then slowly add the hot water indirectly by first touching the walls of the tea ware. In this way, teas are in the bottom and then come-up to the top, like dragons diving in the deep sea.

Some Tips for Brew Dragon Well Tea

1. Hold the tea pot higher when adding water. Because through this process, the water can be cooled to the best temperature for Dragon Well green tea

2. The tea can be brewed for many times and you need steep longer for further steeps to allow the leaves to release more flavor.

3. Glass or porcelain tea wares will contribute to the flavour and taste. Because they are neutral and don’t affect taste.

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  • teasenz
    June 16, 2014 at 1:06 am

    There is a big difference between different dragon well teas. The origin of the leaves and the processing of it makes a big difference. If you like a stronger flavor, then go for dragon well that is picked somewhat later in spring and that are processed in such a way that gives the leaves a bit more of a toasty kind of flavor.


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