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5 Reasons Why Tea Breaks Are Good For You In Office

Did you know that more than 15% of office workers in US & Canada have never made a cuppa for their colleagues? If you have a busy job, maybe you belong this group. Most of the time, you probably feel rushed in office, so you just can’t be bothered to serve others. However, a humble tea round is one of the most effective ways to stay energetic, efficient and manage stress at work. Here’s why..

Note: For a tea lover like me, I am happy to know that the other 85% do take part in this wonderful office ritual.

Connect With Your Colleagues

No matter how busy your day is, nobody is too busy to just say “Do you fancy a cuppa?”

I believe that tea always has been a drink that connects people. Originated from China, cities here are full of tea houses where people gather and share their stories. In addition, it’s very normal in China that business deals are discussed while steeping a cup of tea together on a traditional tea set like the one below.

teaset in office

But this doesn’t hold only for China. It’s an universal thing that, even small chats with people around you can have a significant impact on your sense of well being. No matter how busy your day is, nobody is too busy to just say “Do you fancy a cuppa?”

The office can sometimes be a boring or lonely place. I really believe these small gestures of including your colleagues in your tea round can brighten their day. In addition, a relaxing and friendly surrounding can never hurt. In some cases I think it can actually increase productivity as well as decrease employee turnover.

Take Care Of Your Eyes

tea bag eye mask hydrateNot everyone works behind a computer the whole day but many people do. More and more people suffer from dry eyes as a result of staring at the computer screen all day.

It’s highly recommended to give your eyes a break every hour. It could be just simply looking away from your bright screen and staring outside the window and let your eyes gaze at something far away. Even better, make yourself (and others) a cup of tea to stay hydrated (as if you are giving yourself a tea bag eye mask) while relaxing your eye muscles. Your precious eyes will thank you for it.

Improve Weight, Posture And Avoid Back Issues

Not only our eyes, but our bodies are suffering from more stressful office environments. It’s reality, millions of office people are suffering from obesity, posture issues and as a result often also back and neck problems.

Tea is proven to support any type of weight loss diet. The caffeine in tea makes you more alert, be more efficient and burn more calories while avoiding an overdose that you could get from drinking coffee. In addition, the caffeine effects is more evenly distributed over several hours while coffee gives you a kick but the effect works out fast. I regularly post articles about tea versus coffee. Recently, I also posted an article about why coffee is a silent career killer.

Not only increased calorie consumption helps you lose weight, as I mentioned before, tea helps to digest a heavy lunch. If you’re interested in other health benefits then click here for other posts related to this topic.

Get up now and make yourself a cup of tea. A short walk to the kitchen can give body’s blood circulation is given a short boost and your limbs and joints deserve some relaxation as well. So never shy away from those tea rounds. And by the way, do a few stretches while you’re waiting for your tea to be steeped 😉

Reduce Your Stress

There is more than enough academic proof that tea helps you feel more calm and less stressed.


It’s not just what’s in your teacup that’s doing its job, but the fact that you regularly divert your attention away from the overwhelming to-do list for a moment can be very helpful to refocus and get back to it. So if you’re too busy to steep a cuppa, then you are missing the trick to actually stay organized.

Stay Hydrated

Never underestimate the impact of being dehydrated it really effects your performance and mental focus.

This is kinda related to what I mentioned above. When you start drinking when you feel dehydrated, it’s already to late. The trick is to drink before that happens. Forgetting to drink or just ignoring your thirst can be very counterproductive. So in short, think about your basic needs, get up, steep tea, and be more productive.

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