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San Francisco International Tea Festival 2014

16 vendors participated during San Francisco tea festival 16 this year with interesting lectures and tea tastings for roughly 1000 visitors. It’s great to see so many tea festivals being organized all over the world to educate tea lovers on authentic loose tea and it’s wonderful culture. See below some pictures of this year’s festival in San Francisco.

Ferry Building, San Francisco, SF tea festival san francisco market hall

Ferry Building, San Francisco

SF tea festival tea tasting

Wanna try this 😉

SF tea festival free tea tasting 2014

Here’s your cuppa.

san francisco tea festival visitors

What should I try first?

I just can't wait to take a sip

Close-up shot, pouring tea

san francisco tea festival gaiwan

They look pretty!

san francisco tea festival gaiwan tea tasting

Yummy, it’s steeped perfectly!

san francisco tea festival enjoy tea 2014

No words can describe this taste…

s.f. tea festival tea shopping bags

Looking good!

s.f. tea festival girl drink tea

You’re never to young to start drinking tea. Watch out for the caffeine when drinking in the evening though.

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