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Best Tea Plant Growing Conditions For Camellia Sinenses Tea Trees

All types of leaf teas are processed using the Camellia Sinenses tea plant and there are certain environmental factors that make a region suitable for growing tea trees or tea plants. Please note that the conditions described below are only valid for growing Camellia Sinenses. Thus it does not apply to other types of plants that might be used for herbal teas (tisanes).

tea plant growing

Tea Growing Conditions

Generally the Camellia Sinenses plant demonstrate a strong capability to adapt to a wide range of environmental conditions:

  1. An annual average temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius
  2. No significant period of frost
  3. Moderate to evenly distributed rainfall of above 1,000 mm per year
  4. Annual average humidity of 70-80%
  5. Mountain area; hillsides with loose soil with good drainage
  6. Soil PH value of 4.5 to 6.5

The map below shows which areas in China are suitable and comply to the conditions above:
tea growing regions china map xinan huanan jiangnan jiangbei

Source: Hangzhou Chinese Tea Culture Exchange Association

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