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Green tea now associated with lower stroke risk

Yoshihiro Kokubo, the lead author of a new study that followed over 80,000 Japanese adults for an average period of 13 years and found that  those who drank increasing daily amounts of green tea, and caffeinated coffee,  had an increasingly lowered risk of stroke.Those who drank two to three six-ounce cups of green tea, compared to those who drank none at all , had a decreased stroke risk of 14 percent. Five or more cups of green tea corresponded with a 15 percent decrease in all-cause mortality, and a 26 percent decrease in dying from cardiovascular disease. The participants’ risk of a blood vessel bursting and bleeding inside their brain (intracerebral hemorrhage) was reduced by 32 percent with high consumption of green tea. Greater amount of coffee drinking did not reduce the risk of coronary artery disease, in fact it seemed to increase it – though that may have been a combination with smoking.

At the end of the day, Green tea is very helpful in maintaining heart health, among its numerous health benefits. So take your green tea to heart – and keep drinking to keep it beating.

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