Tea Benefits

Black Tea Can Prevent Diabetes

It has been found that people who drink black tea are less likely to develop type II diabetes. A new analysis of data from 50 countries found that the nations who drank the most black tea also suffered the lowest levels of the metabolic syndrome.Even further,  the study published in the British Medical Journal found that high tea consumption was related to lower levels of obesity.Scientists think that the fermentation process used to make black tea could also cause the production of complex health-giving “flavonoids”.Ireland drank the most black tea, with each person consuming 2 kg each a year, with Britain and Turkey were close behind. All three countries were found to have lower levels of diabetes than others where  tea consumption was low, including the countries Brazil, Morocco and Mexico.

So, maybe next time you put the kettle on, take it black. In the sweet swirling steam and red liquid you’ll not only find peace and warmth, but the promise of better health – and that’s something to drink to.

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