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Iced Green Tea Recipe

If you are looking for something that’s cold and refreshing, but not an unhealthy coke. You should try out this easy to make minty iced green tea recipe.

Ingredients for Iced Green Tea Recipe

How to make iced green tea?

  1. Crush the mint leaves gently in a serving glass
  2. Steep 1 table spoon of tea leaves separately and pour it in the glass with the crush mint leaves afterwards, leaving 1/3 of space for ice cubes.
  3. Let the steeped mint and loose tea leaves in glass cool down
  4. Add ice cubes on top and finish it of with fresh lemons
  5. If you prefer to have a sweet drink, don’t add sugar, but instead, go for honey. The sweetness of honey will match the green tea and mint taste perfectly

How to serve iced green tea?

Get your most beautiful transparent glass and serve the iced green tea with a uncrushed mint leaf on top.


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