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Brew Tea In This Online Bitcoin Casino Game: Dragon’s Tale

Recently there has been some noise in the Bitcoin world about Dragon’s Tale, which is a online Bitcoin based casino. The platform now introduces a mini game with a Chinese tea ceremony theme!

While most of the games in Dragon’s Tale are based on luck, it’s said that the Chinese tea ceremony mini game is based on skill too. Here’s an explanation of how the game works from the Dragon’s Tale’s wiki page:

  • In Tea Ceremony mini game you have to get the highest value set of teas compared to other players, at the end of the round. The game has different coloured teas which have different values.
  • At first you can see only the values in your own table of teas, but as play progresses you may be able to see others.
  • On your turn, you may lock a table of teas, preventing it from being stolen, but also revealing it to other players. Do this with tables you want to keep.
  • Or you may switch one of your own tables with one of another player, in an attempt to improve your own tea set. Note: this may backfire. You may also raise during your turn.
  • If you win the round, you win all the money in the Teapot.

As you can see, this more a gambling game with a tea theme rather than a serious tea brewing simulation that I was hoping for. Stealing teas from other also really isn’t the way of tea! Neither is gambling. Let’s stick to our real life tea tables.

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