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8 Dental Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

You can’t tackle your oral hygiene without taking your diet into account. The food and drinks that we consume have a direct impact on our health, particularly on our teeth and gums. In recent times the sugar content in foods has gone up, making the fight against gum disease and tooth decay harder. Luckily there are a lot of natural products that won’t harm your teeth and will help in improving your health. Green tea is one of those products.

Green tea has been consumed for its health benefits and healing properties by people in countries like Japan, China, and India for centuries. Research has discovered that green tea has a preventative and therapeutic effect on a wide range of health problems such as cancer, heart disease, strokes, high cholesterol, skin disorders, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, liver disorders and dementia.

Here are 8 Dental Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

1. Prevents Plaque

Plaque is a sticky deposit on the teeth, which allows the microbes to proliferate on it that can lead to tooth decay. Green tea is made up of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which can ward off the bacteria that causes dental plaque.

2. Prevents Dental Cavities

Green tea controls the levels of bacteria in your mouth as well as reducing the amount of dental plaque which can be helpful to prevent cavities. Research indicates that people were tested after they gave their mouth a 5 minute rinse with green tea. The tested patients contained less bacteria and acid in their mouths as well as reducing the bleeding of their gums. Research has found that drinking green tea helps in reducing tooth decay and cavities.

3. Promotes Gum Health

Green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties help control periodontal gum disease. A Japanese study consisting of 1,000 men discovered that those who drank green tea on a regular basis tended to have healthier gums than the ones that did not. A German study also discovered similar results with people who were requested to chew sweets that had extracts of green tea. Adding sugar or sweetener can reverse the health benefits of green tea.

4. Strengthens Your Teeth

Moreover, drinking tea can boost bone health including your teeth! People in the ages of 40-64 who regularly drank a single cup of unsweetened green tea everyday are less prone to losing their teeth as compared those that drank coffee.

Researchers have discovered that the antimicrobial molecules called catechins can kill the bacteria which is responsible for gum disease and tooth decay, preventing loss of teeth and oral health problems.

5. Reduces the Risk of Oral Cancer

The rich antioxidants and other properties of green tea help protect against cellular damage and cancerous tumour growth. A study was conducted at the University of Texas whereby green tea extract was given to patients who were suffering from precancerous lesions in their mouths which slows down their progression to oral cancer.

6. Good Breath and Less Odour

Green tea has been associated with better smelling breath as it destroys the microbes that stink up our mouths. A study conducted by the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Dentistry measured the level of smelly compounds in people’s mouths after they were given green tea powder. Green tea is much better than chewing gums, mints and parsley seed oil according to this study. Also read: Tea for Bad Breath

7. No Loss of Teeth

Green tea prevents gum disease and cavities so in the long run it will also help you retain your teeth as well. A study conducted in Japan stated that men and women who drank more cups of green tea everyday were a lot more likely to retain their teeth.

8. Stay Hydrated

Keeping your teeth naturally hydrated is very helpful in preventing oral decay as the water keeps on washing and rinsing off the food particles that cause plaque and tartar build up later. Drinking green tea is a great way to keep your mouth clean.

If you enjoy tea then you should reach for green tea next time you put some water on the boil some. Drinking green tea in its unsweetened form is best.

Author Bio: Shen Chao is part of Dr. Joshua Hong’s Smile Clinic. While working for the Smile Clinic, he’s gained first hand experiences into the questions and concerns that dental patients have. He has been writing to inform people about various dental topics to help his readers improve their oral health. When he’s not working, you can find him on a hiking trail with his dog or having a Sunday cook-out with friends. 

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