Bruu Tea Club Review!

Recently we’ve received the Bruu tea club box. As you can see, the box directly made us happy with its colorful design. What’s also important to note is that the box fits easily through the mailbox. So you don’t have to be home to receive the box!

We’ve the box with a colorful and cheerful design.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the content and taste all the teas inside!

What’s In The Box

What surprised is to find so many other things in the box besides the tea. It contained a message from the Bruu, explaining the content of the box, what the Bruu team has been up to and what subscribers can further expect in the future. We love how such a note can make the tea experience much more personal and enjoyable.

There’s also an explainer about explaining the difference loose leaf tea and tea bags. Super handy for the beginning tea drinker.

At last, we found 2 pieces delicious Leonidas chocolate and a handy tea infuser ball.

Lockhart Gold

The Lockhart Gold is a black tea consisting of small broken leaves. When steeped the tea releases flavor fast. The tea appears to be relatively lightly fermented for a black tea as the wet leaves remain somewhat green. That’s great, because it gives this black tea so much more complexity.

The tea broth is somewhat thick and wonderfully smooth. The flavor is savory with caramel notes.

It’s important to steep this tea at the right temperature and control the steeping time to avoid dryness in front of the tongue. We recommend steeping this tea at 90ºC instead of 100ºC suggested on the packaging. If it results in a brew that’s too light for you, you can somewhat increase the steeping time!


I decided to steep this tea with the tea infuser ball that was included in the box. This infuser appears to be of great quality, but the size may not allow all teas to expand well enough. As Rooibos doesn’t expand much, it seems to be great for this tea.

This Rooibos tea blend has a smooth and soft flavor with hints of honey. Longer steeps results in more flowery scents and minty notes. Highly recommend!

Famous White Dragon

Wonderful blend of white tea and exotic fruits. Combining the soft and light taste of this white tea with fruits results in a beautifully balanced aroma. The fruit aroma is noticeably there, but it doesn’t overwhelm.

When smelling the leaves I was afraid that the lemon grass would overwhelm, but when brewed the balance was spot on. Easily got 4 brews out of it in a gaiwan!

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