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Taste and aroma, that’s all that matters! You’re wrong. One part of the whole tea experience is actually to enjoy the appearing of the leaves before, during and after steeping. It’s a kind of ritual that gives your tea time an additional touch of relaxation.

Aug 02
18 Styles Of Man Sheng Yixing Teapots ‘Man Sheng Shi Ba Shi’

The 18 types of Man Sheng teapots were designed by painter and seal engraver during…

May 19
Tea Pics: Xi Gui Pu Erh Tea Tasting

Today I got some amazing samples from a tea farmer in Yunnan. It’s a 2017 Xi Gui…

Apr 20
Wuyishan Impressions Pics!

A few shots of our adventures in Wuyishan. Curious about Wuyishan rock teas? Try this…

Apr 24
Pictures: Visiting Yunnan Tea Farms

A few pics made by the Teasenz crew when visiting our farmers in Yunnan during this…

Apr 11
Tea Pics: Picking & Processing Chinese Tea

Amazing tea pics: #TeaPicking & #TeaProcessing

May 15
A 3D Printed Teapot Out Of Tea?

3D printing has become more common these days. And it’s probably also within…

Jan 21
Infographic: Health Benefits Of Teas And Tisanes

Due to the wide range of different tea types it can be sometimes confusing what the…

Dec 26
DIY Infographic: Pu Erh Tea Aged In Pomelo Citrus Fruit

Learn how to let pu erh tea age in the skin of a pomelo and do it yourself! See the…

Sep 10
A Magical Cup Of Tea

This is what a real tea lover imagines when drinking a cup of tea: