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18 Styles Of Man Sheng Yixing Teapots ‘Man Sheng Shi Ba Shi’

The 18 types of Man Sheng teapots were designed by painter and seal engraver during the Qing Dynasty – Chen Hong Shou (1768-1830), and handcrafted by Yixing zisha (purple clay) craft master Yang Peng Nian. Chen Hong Shou styled himself as “Man Sheng”(曼生), hence the title “Man Sheng teapots”.

chen man sheng

Mr. Man Sheng Chen

Meeting Yang Peng Nian

In the era of Man Sheng, the zisha art was relatively mature in terms of production and appreciation. However, there was little innovation, and it had come to a period of imitation and repetition. While being the magistrate of Yixing County, Man Sheng visited the labor scenes of the potters and became very interested in zisha ware and the zisha fabrication. Man Sheng also met the local potter Yang Peng Nian in Yixing, and appreciated Yang’s talent and his natural style of handcrafting. These laid the groundwork for their collaboration of Man Sheng teapots.

Based on the unique aesthetic standards, Man Sheng integrated the artistic forms of painting, calligraphy, poetry writing, seal carving and sculpture into the zisha art, and designed 18 types of teapots with simple shapes and elegant styles. These designs were handed over to Yang Peng Nian so he could realize these designs. These teapots, as highly appreciated classic works of the zisha circle and the art circle, mark another prosperous period in the history of zisha art.

The Characteristics Of Man Sheng Teapots

Instead of complicated decorations and stifling styles, the main feature of the Man Sheng teapots is the creativity and the simplicity. There is a lot of space left on the body of the teapot with inscriptions engraved on it. Different types of Man Sheng teapots have different themes for the inscriptions.

A Man Sheng teapot that we can appreciate today usually has the seal inscription of the “A Man Tuo Shi” (阿曼陀室) at the bottom of the teapot, and the seal carving of “Peng Nian” (彭年) under the handle. “A Man Tuo Shi” was the name Man Sheng called his study where he designed the teapots, and “Peng Nian” naturally refers to the craft master Yang Peng Nian.

The 18 Types of Man Sheng Zisha Clay Teapots

The teapots designed by Man Sheng was summed up in 18 types:

  1. Shí piáo
  2. Tíliáng
  3. Lì yīn
  4. Húlu
  5. Héhuān
  6. Páo guā
  7. Jǐng lán
  8. Hàn wǎ
  9. Jí zhí
  10. Rǔ dǐng
  11. Zhōu pán
  12. Zhù chǔ
  13. Shí diào
  14. Jìng wǎ
  15. Diàn hé
  16. Bàn piáo
  17. Hé dòu
  18. Què yuè

There were several different designs with slight change of details under the same type, but the basics were the same. As cultural heritage, each of the 18 types has its own merits.

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Let’s take a glance at some famous man sheng artworks below that are available for display in art museums around China.

He Huan Hu 合欢 (He Huan Teapot)

The term “He Huan” means a happy gathering. This teapot is an excellent choice for special occasions to emphasize unity.

Height: 8.5 cm

He Huan Hu - Yixing Zisha Teapot

He Huan Teapot 2: height: 7.9cm

Jing Lan Hu (Well Fence Teapot)

Jing Lan means ‘column well’ (or “well fence”) as the high profile shape of this teapot resembles a column shaped well.

Height: 8.6 cm, opening Diameter: 7.9 cm

fang gu jing lan hu yixing teapot

Zhu Jie Hu ( Bamboo Teapot)

Height: 8.8 cm, opening Diameter: 12.2 cm

zhu jie hu yixing teapot

Jing Wa Hu 镜瓦 (Mirror and Tile Pipe Shaped Teapot)

Height: 7.8 cm, width: 13 cm


Hu Lu Hu 葫芦 (Gourd Shaped Teapot)

Height: 10.5 cm

Shi Tiao Ti Liang Hu (Stone Ladle Shaped Loop-Handled Teapot)

What makes this style of Yixing teapot special is the handle that resembles the ancient ‘tiao’ cooking vessel.

Height: 11 cm, opening Diametre: 5.7 cm

Shi Piao Hu (Stone Ladle Shaped Teapot)

Height: 7.5 cm, opening Diameter: 6.8 cm

Pao Gua Hu (Pear Gourd Shaped Teapot)

Height: 9 cm

Opening Diameter: 6.3 cm

Shi Piao Ti Liang Hu (Loop-Handled Teapot)

A Yixing teapot shape that stand on 3 feet and a handle.

Height: 12.8 cm

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