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May 13
2 Chinese Dried Rose Tea Recipes: Low Calories & Lots of Benefits

Rose flower tea is delicious and has lots of benefits such as supporting…

Jan 21
Jiaogulan Tea A.K.A. The Herb of Immortality

What is Jiaogulan tea, and how can it benefit or hurt your health. Here are the facts.

Nov 08
Ginkgo Biloba Tea Health Benefits And Side Effects

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the world’s oldest surviving tree species and has been used…

Oct 21
Honeysuckle Tea & Pregnancy

Due to a recent publication regarding honeysuckle tea’s effect against flu, we…

Oct 07
Honeysuckle Tea Act As ‘Virological Penicillin” Against Flu

Honeysuckle tea has been consumed in China for centuries for it’s effects…

Jun 25
Honeysuckle Tea

When it comes to Honeysuckle herbal tea, the list of health benefits is long, but the…

Jun 12
Medical Evidence for the Health Benefits of Kuding Tea (Kuding Cha)

What is Kuding (also known as Kuding Cha)? It’s officially not a tea but a herb…

Aug 18
Kuding Tea

As weather changes, it is easy to get under the weather.It’s August, but it…

May 24
Jujube Tea

For thousands of years Chinese people have consumed herbal teas because of their…

Mar 05
The all powerful goji berry

We’ve heard a lot these days about the Goji berry, praised as a “super…