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Tea temperature and brewing guide

Above is a guide to help with both the brewing time and the temperature of water in which to brew different types of tea. Each type of tea is of its own character and responds to different water temperatures and length of time brewed. If brewed differently than recommended, the flavor may be underdeveloped or too strong. A strong tannic quality can happen if it is over-steeped, which ruins a good cup of tea. To obtain a stronger brew, add more tea, but use the same water temperature and brewing time as you otherwise would.

This is good information for how to get that perfect cup of tea and although the temperature seems a little particular – it is now more easier than ever, with electric tea kettles being sold where you can actually determine how hot the water will be heated. So boil and brew it right to make that perfect cuppa tea, whether black, green, oolong, or anything in between, brew it right- it might be exactly what you need.

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