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Make Some Watermelon Iced Tea

Make Some Watermelon Iced Tea

On a hot summer day there’s nothing like biting into some fresh watermelon – it hits the spot like no other. Taking a slice of watermelon, biting into the sweetness of it, the juices running down your chin. It is more juice and water than actual fruit and really helps hydrate you when you need it the most. Like most fruits, Watermelon can indeed be added to your iced tea. Iced tea is a drink that can refresh you greatly and now it can do so even more by adding watermelon to the equation. With the Summer Solstice behind us it is now a great to to make some watermelon iced tea.

The blog Family Home and Life provides a great recipe to start out with,   Watermelon Mint Iced Tea

Chop watermelon into cubes about an 1 1/2 inch pieces, and fill your container about 1/3 of the way full with the watermelon cubes. Drop in a two or three tablespoons of crushed mint; more if you really like that mint flavor. A tiny bit of sugar if you like or my fav sweetener, a packet of Stevia. Add your favorite brew of ice tea, and fill to the top.
Now stir with a large spoon crushing the watermelon against the sides of the pitcher along with the mint. The more you stir and crush, the more flavor you will have. Stop when it’s just right and serve over ice.

And with that you have a nice refreshing beverage to really start summer off strong with. With grocery stores selling Watermelons or even other melons right now – it’s a great way to get some use out of all of that melon.

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