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Cool Tea & Teashop Names Ideas

Starting a new tea business is always exciting, but how do you come up with a cool name that really represents you. And how do you name your teas with a creative touch? This read article and you’re ready to brainstorm for the best tea shop, brand or tea names.

Tea shop name ideas

You’re starting tea business and that’s a lot of reason for excitement. A good start would be to come up with an exciting name as well. Let’s go!

Make it personal

Tea shops and tea rooms are often very personal business that reflect the character of its founders. ‘David’s Tea’ is probably the best example in the tea industry. Also other industries such as jewellery (Tiffany’s), malls (Harrod’s) or fast food (Wendy’s) use personal names as their business name.

So a very simple but perhaps good idea would be to consider your own name. See some examples below:

  • Stefanie’s
  • Selene Tea
  • Scott’s Tea Shop
  • Melanie’s Tea Room
  • Jason’s Tea Store

Locally relevant

Other way to come up with a name would be to use the name of your province/state, city or local neighbourhood’s name. This can help you to more visible in search engines and maps. Local consumers can also directly see that you’re relevant  for them. There’s nothing better than being able to visit a local store and see/try the teas first, before you buy!

Some examples:

  • Amsterdam Tea Shop
  • Manhattan Tea Room
  • Hong Kong Tea Store
  • Manhattan Tea

The downside of this approach is that customers who’re geographically far away, might not order from you. So a local name could be more relevant for a local tea shop without eCommerce operations. In contrast, if you plan to ship nation or even worldwide, using local names might not be a good idea.

Specialisation matters

More and more tea business are launched in recent years, how do you differentiate yourself? Will you focus on premium tea bags with a signature shape or artisan loose leaf tea? Are you going to sell accessories as well? And do you serve tea in a special way? Will you specialise in tea from a specific country? Will you go organic only? Let your unique traits shine through in your business name! Below are some tea shop name ideas:

  • The Artisan Leaf
  • Artisan’s Tea
  • Tea Pyramids
  • Specialty Leaves
  • Dark Tea Wonders
  • The Chinese Tea Room
  • Indian Tea House
  • The Organic Tea Leaf

Your Story

The fact that a you’re planning to start a tea business, must be because you’re really passionate about it? What are the events that let to this? What’s your tea story? How do you see tea? What’s your tea philosophy? Tea lovers are great listeners, and if they buy tea from you, they are also curious about your tea history. The founder’s of Teavana, for example regarded as drinking tea  as to be in ‘heaven’. They therefore combined the words ‘tea’ and ‘havana’ into one word ‘Teavana’.

If you’re excited about the diversity of tea, what could be synonyms of ‘diversity’ that you can use in your tea shop name?

If you’re fascinated by tea fields and the ‘story’ behind farmers how can you use this to your advantage? Maybe ‘The Story of the Leaf’ or ‘The Tea Plantage’ are good names?

If your business is about ‘freshness’, what about call your business ‘The Fresh Tea Leaf’ or ‘Seasonal Tea Treats’? These are al just random brainstorm ideas. I’m sure you can come up with even better names!

Tea Brand Name Ideas

Starting a tea shop or tea room isn’t the only way to enter the tea industry. Another way would be to build your own brand and distribute your products through tea retailers and other businesses such as cafe’s, restaurants and hotels.

If you want to both start a tea shop and have your own brand, keep in mind that they don’t have to be the same name. Let’s say your shop is called ‘Tiffany’s Tea’ than you can still give your brand a different name. The benefit of this is that you’ll still be able to find other retailers to also carry your brand. They won’t do that if the tea brand is equal to the name of a direct competitor!

Unique names for individual teas

Besides the name for your store or brand, you might also want to name your individual teas. This could make sense. Your consumers might not have a feeling for traditional names of teas, which are often phonetic pronunciations of their name in the origin country’s language. Coming up with funny, fancy, cute or most importantly relevant names can help you sell more of each tea and match them with the right customer.

When picking a good name for a tea, make sure to consider the following:

What is the colour of the tea?

You may use some fancy colour related words for your tea. Take for example:

  • white monkey
  • silver needle
  • golden rings
  • red dragon tea
  • What’s the shape of your tea?
  • Green tea needle
  • Black phoenix pearls

What’s the taste of the tea?

It’s really relevant for consumers if the name can tell them something about what they can expect when drinking:

  • Sweet Vanilla
  • Citrus Delight
  • Coco Fantastic

Where’s the tea from?

Each country have specific production methods, and each tea region have unique soil that affects a tea’s flavour:

  • Yunnan Gold
  • China Gunpowder
  • Japanese Sakura Blend

Which season is the tea from?

Or in which season is a specific tea the most suitable to drink? Use this as an inspiration for your tea name ideas.

  • First Flush Dragon Well
  • Second Flush Darjeeling
  • Spring Oolong
  • Autumn Relaxation Melange

Final considerations

Copyright & Trademark Registration

Once you have a good name, make sure to google the tea shop name idea to make sure it’s not already used by someone else.

Domain name

Whatever name you’re going to pick for you tea business, make sure that the domain name is still available for registration. If you can get the .com domain of your brand or shop name, that would be great. If not, it’s not a disaster. A few years ago, getting the .com domain was a must, but nowadays many businesses register domain extensions such as .net, .org, .us, .io etc. These are also completely fine.


Check also trade mark databases to make sure the name isn’t already registered by someone else. This can help you avoid future legal risks. If nobody is using it, register your own brand name!


Once you’ve registered your domain and trademark, you’re set. A good tea shop or brand name is still nothing, when you don’t have a logo. Find yourself a good logo designer!

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