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One Direction Drinking Tea Backstage

It is reported that the very popular band One Direction is more British than previously realized. Instead of the typical “rock and roll” mentality for backstage preparation, they and their management have been requesting “to keep their dressing room low-key before the shows and requested tea in there rather than booze”. Their love for tea doesn’t even stop there. Band member Louis Tomilson recently revealed that he had a tattoo of a steaming cup of tea on his arm. Fans are even finding references to their tea in songs: In the song ‘Little Things’, they sing: “You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea; maybe that’s the reason that you talk in your sleep”.

A spokesman for Higher Living speaks on the matter,

“Many professional singers drink tea before gigs to warm-up and repair vocal chords plus peppermint’s menthol qualities also help clear the airways.The lads are so committed to their fans that they don’t want anything to spoil the show and won’t leave anything to chance. We hope the emergency tea kits will give them peace of mind to perform their best set yet”

And with tea on their side, to help their vocals and their mood – they’re  sure to be great helping girls swoon all over the world. While they’re doing it, maybe they’re setting a different direction for what it is live the Rock and Roll lifestyle.

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