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St. Patty’s Day Tea Time

St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us and this evening in celebration there are already people getting the Irish party started – going out and partying, practically dying themselves green, and drinking like… well a leprechaun. It’s a good time to get in the shamrock spirit with tea – you don’t have to be in a pub to have green fun.

One way to celebrate is to have traditional Irish tea. Traditional Irish Breakfast Tea is made with with Assam and Ceylon to make that strong warm tea.  But make the tea with a strong black tea and let it brew for a good amount of time. Before you pour it in your cup, make sure you put your milk and sugar in your cup first – that’s how the Irish typically prepare their tea. They also use 1/3 real cream, but if that’s too much for you, you don’t have to. Traditionally the Irish have left the tea pot boiling all day so that people could have tea as they like and all day long. Maybe that’s one more reason to drink tea this day.

Another more interesting spin you could take this March 17th, is to literally make green tea to get into the spirit of things. One thing to try is making sweet  Honey Mint  Green Tea. To make this, brew your green tea along with mint and then when it is finished brewing add honey and even lime juice for taste. This can be served hot or cold – depending on how brisk your St. Patty’s day is.

Whether you decide to go traditional with black tea or more cheeky with Green tea – I hope you are granted with the luck of the Irish this St. Patrick’s day. Especially with tea on your side, you’ll have no problem with that. Remember to wear Green tomorrow and if not – maybe if you drink Green Tea, that’ll be enough so you don’t get pinched.



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