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What Does Your Used Teabag Say About You?

People have been analyzing people’s personality through numerous things throughout the years: how you walk, how you write, and even how you stand – but have you ever thought about what your used teabag says about you? As things often are on the internet – if you didn’t think it exists – it does. As BBC wrote in their article,  the different ways to deal with tea bags can be associated with different facets of personalities. Maybe this describes you, maybe it doesn’t – but it’s all in good fun.

Here are some tea bags and tea bag behaviors and their meanings:

  • Left to dry for composting- a person who does this is an environmentally conscious person and may be active in maintaining their home garden. A person like this would live a healthy life with outdoor activities, and even homegrown vegetables on the table… at the same time, they might smell like compost and manure. 
  • Left to dry before dumping in trash –  This type of person is liable to be houseproud; you will not find dust, unwiped drips or anything out of place in their house. 
  • the tea bag is off-white-  An offwhite tea bag means that it is made of unbleached or recycled paper. This person is most likely to be a very keen environmentalist. The tea is also most likely to be a fair trade or organic variety as these teas most often use this sort of teabag.
  • a red tea bag – this is usually an herbal or fruit tea. This person is quite likely to be chilled-out as they are not requiring a caffeine fix at whichever point in the day you discovered their teabag – whether they’re using it as a detox or just a herbal tea drinker.
  • a tea bag followed by a drip trail of tea – The fact that a track, or tracks, of tea lead from the tea making area to the teabag graveyard indicates a serious lack of care from the tea-maker.  This person is liable to be lazy in other areas.
  • a milky tea bag – A teabag that has a milky complexion has in fact been used in a mug which contained the milk before the water was added. This is a pre-laitarian attempt to make tea in the modern non-teapot age. Adding milk before the tea is often, though not exclusively, a sign of someone maybe not polished in tea making.

Whether your tea bag is red, milky or if you leave a drip trail – it is certainly interesting to find out if this guide fits the bill. It is interesting because it makes you look at your particular ritual. Do you leave the bag in for a certain amount of time or do you forget it? Do you drain the tea bag and do you save it at all? Whether or not this is right, how you do your tea says what type of person you are and that’s certainly something to think about. And who even knows with loose tea? Though loose tea has always had real fortune telling.

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