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2016 Year of the Monkey: 7 Things You Should Know

Today is the first day of the year of the Monkey. Our team would like to wish you happy and healthy Chinese New Year. Enjoy the info we’ve put together so you can learn all the interesting facts about the monkey sign/zodiac.

1. Who’s a Monkey?

You’re most likely a monkey if you’re born during the following monkey years: 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956 etc.

Do note that the western calendar years do not exactly overlap with the Chinese calendar. The Chinese New Year might start and end up to 2 months later.

2. Types of Monkey Signs

Depending on the year of birth, there are different types of monkey signs in Chinese astrology. In total there are 5 types based on a certain element, which are:

  • fire
  • water
  • wood
  • metal
  • earth

2016 is the year of the fire monkey.

3. Monkey character and personality

Now you know there are different types of monkey signs, we can now discuss each the characters of each type. Monkey’s are generally considered smart, which is why many Chinese couples like to make babies in the year of  the monkye. However, each monkey sign comes with individual personalities. See below:

  • Fire monkey characteristics (..,2016,..,1956,..): Ambitious and adventurous, but irritable
  • Wood monkey characteristics (..,2004,..,1994,..): Always ready to help others; compassionate, with strong self-esteem, but stubborn
  • Water Monkey characteristics (..,1992,..,1932,..): Quick-witted, fond of being in the limelight, but haughty
  • Gold Monkey characteristics (..,1980,..,1920,..): Quick-witted, and confident, but also irritable and stubborn
  • Earth Monkey characteristics (..1968,..,1908,..): Frank, optimistic, and fearless

4. How to write monkey in Chinese?

Here’s the Chinese character of the word ‘monkey’:

5. Compatibility with other signs: Who can be friends or partners with monkeys?

Chinese zodiacs are often used in Chinese astrology to predict how compatible one can be with others. Some people like to read the Chinese horoscope when considering someone to be there future partner.  Below a list showing how compatible the monkey is with other signs:

  • Rat: 90% compatibility
  • Monkey: 85% compatibility
  • Dragon: 82% compatibility
  • Ox: 81% compatibility
  • Tiger: 81% compatibility
  • Pig: 81% compatibility
  • Rabbit: 73% compatibility
  • Rooster: 72% compatibility
  • Dog: 67% compatibility
  • Sheep: 65% compatibility
  • Snake: 57% compatibility
  • Horse: 31% compatibility

6. Ten Famous Monkey People

  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Julius Caesar
  • Halle Berry
  • Charles Dickens
  • Lord Byron
  • Diana Ross
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Michael Douglas
  • Will Smith
  • Tom Hanks

7. Lucky monkey signs

  • Lucky numbers: 1, 7, 8
  • Lucky colours: white, gold, blue
  • Lucky flowers: chrysanthemum, alliums
  • Lucky directions: north, northwest, west
  • Lucky numbers: 1, 7, and 8.
  • Lucky colors: white, gold, and blue.
  • Lucky flowers: Chrysanthemum and alliums.
  • Lucky directions: North, northwest, and west.
  • Lucky months: month 8 and 12 based on the lunar calendar.
  • Lucky days: 14th an 28th month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

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