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Tea Scented Toilet Paper?

Have you ever thought to yourself –

“This toilet paper is awesome… If only it smelled like tea”,

well you are in for a pleasant surprise – starting April 1st  Japanese Company Nisshinbo Paper Products will be selling tea scented toilet paper — pink for Southern Countries Tea Time, blue for English Tea Time.

Tea Scented Toilet Paper?

Jokes aside, it really is interesting that tea scented toilet paper is going to be released. The idea of scented toilet paper is not a new one, but it is definitely new to have it tea scented. Will this scented toilet paper hit the U.S.? Or is this tea scented toilet paper idea just a fad?Imagine all of the different tea brand toilet papers that could happen. Maybe even campaigns to sell the different teas along with toilet paper.

Either way it is something to think about. Whether we’ll see these tea scented toilet paper’s on the shelves soon or not.

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