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Make Perfect Iced Tea

Tomorrow it’s April 1st and little by little Summer is creeping towards us. Long days, golden sunlight, and almost inescapable heat will be here before we know it. The way to make Summer a little more beautiful and a little sweeter is the elixir of the American South – iced tea.

Make Perfect Iced Tea

It is Summer. Iced tea is one of the things that makes the heat “almost” inescapable. Though, as those familiar with it know, not all iced tea is created equal. To make perfect iced tea is really almost an art. There has to be an intent. It can’t be too sweet, it can’t be too bitter, there can’t be too much lemon, and honestly it just has to taste good. Here’s a great guide to make your own perfect iced green tea using the cold brew method:

With this tips at your disposal, go ahead and make perfect iced tea. It’s not summer yet, but it is warming up – and now is the perfect time to start experimenting. Iced tea doesn’t  just have to be black tea, ice and sugar – it can have ginger and fruit and mint, it can have orange peels and cinnamon, or multiple teas can be mixed. Everyone’s perfect is different and you can find it. So get and brewing and start sipping – hopefully on a porch swing.

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