Prescribe some tea

A good cup of tea can make a lot of things better. When you’re having a really bad day, when you’re so stressed out you feel as if the world is going to crush you, or even if you don’t feel anything at all – tea can fix you. Tea can do more than help you emotionally though. If you just prescribe some tea for yourself you can alleviate constipation, toothaches, heat stroke and much more.

Here are some tea mixtures to try from Screwtips . When unspecified, most of these blends use Green Tea.

  • Mix 7 grams of tea with approximately 10 small slices of ginger. This helps with the common cold, congestion, the flu or a chest cough.
  • Mix 3 grams of tea with vinegar to help with a stomach ache, toothaches, IBS or diarrhea.
  • Mix 3 grams of tea with a dollop of honey to help ease constipation, clear and comfort the lungs and also to help flush out the kidneys.
  • Tea porridge is  a common cure for upset stomachs and to aid with digestion. One recipe calls for 100 grams of white rice and 6 grams of tea. You should use wet tea leaves and grind/mix them in with rice for best results. You can add wet tea leaves to any starchy compound to achieve similar results.
  • Tea with chrysanthemum blossoms is one of the most common afternoon drink in Sichuan. It helps to ease “heat in the body” and removes toxins as well. It also helpshumidity and dizziness. Many people serve this drink chilled and in China they add several different types of medicinal herbs, including goji berries.
  • You can infuse your tea with a bit of ginseng to cure nervousness and to strengthen your constitution. It is a  good morning elixir or even just before you go to bed.
  • Black tea works very well with sugar and milk- it is very good for digestion.
  • You can add ground up orange peels to your black tea if you have an abscess in your throat or if you want to prevent one.
  • Green tea with honeysuckle  helps with heat stroke, hair follicle pyosis and enteritis.

If you just prescribe some tea, this is a great way to stay healthy and make yourself healthy. This doesn’t mean stop going to the doctor but it is definitely a great quicky cure and a way to make less trips to the doctor. It is always important to ask your doctor before deciding to make prescribing tea part of your everyday diet.

So, go ahead prescribe some tea for those aches and pains, that digestion or as per usual – just to make yourself feel really good.

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