Tea Can Be Golden

The idea  of Gold has long captivated society – from gold rushes, to gilding hole palaces of the stuff, to even putting it in our food – Gold is a major status symbol. It is associated the with best of the best, the most beautiful, the most powerful. As it turns out,  even tea can be Golden.  In New Delhi 51 Buckingham Gate, part of The Taj Group of Hotels, and Luxor Champagne, have introduced a 24 karat gold afternoon tea, which includes edible gold. This special tea, launched in Britain, features half a bottle of sparkling wine Luxor pure gold 24 karat Brut Champagne, which includes flakes of 24 karat gold. The offering is targeted at London`s afternoon tea aficionados, according to a statement.

Inspired by Luxor, chef Vikas Milhoutra, has created a series of delights, also made with edible gold. The 24 Karat Gold Afternoon Tea includes a Gold Leaf Jelly, White Chocolate Delight with Gold Leaf and Strawberry Tart with Gold Flakes, and is accompanied by a selection of scones and delicate finger sandwiches. The tea is available at an introductory price of 99 pounds for two, and a prior booking is required for it with a 24-hour notice.

The fact that tea can be golden in this way is amazing. People can literally drink luxury from the comfort of their teacup – expensive as it is. If you can put gold into tea, even edible, imagine what other cool innovations could be made with the art of drinking tea. What’s next? Light up tea? It’s not necessary or pragmatic at all, but it’s nice to see a little razzle dazzle happening with tea. With it made of gold, it’s not your grandmother’s drink anymore. It can be as flashy and innovative as this age we live in and that’s something to raise a cuppa to.

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