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Green Tea Could Prevent Oral Cancer

Green Tea Could Prevent Oral Cancer

 Green tea is already cited to prevent a whole host of diseases, even different kinds of cancer. In a recent study in particular it was found that Green Tea could prevent oral cancer.  In the first trial of its kind, researchers at the University of Texas M.D.Anderson Cancer Center showed that green tea extract may help prevent oral cancer. According to the American Cancer Society oral cancer has a five year survival rate of less than 50%.

A group of 41 patients with oral leukoplakia received either green tea extract or placebo for three months. Oral leukoplakia is a mouth condition that could to oral cancer. It is characterized by a thickened white patch on the mucous membranes inside the mouth. In the trail, patients received one of three doses of green tea extract – the highest being the equivalent of drinking eight cups of green tea a day.

The patients underwent oral biopsy at the start and at 12 weeks. These biomarker studies showed that nearly 60% on the highest dose of green tea extract had a clinical response. This is compared to 37% on the lowest dose of green tea extract and 18% in the placebo group. As great as these findings are, longer and larger scale studies are needed to see if green tea can really prevent oral, or any other, cancer. While research is happening, it is important to remember to have your dentist check for oral leukoplakia in your dental exam.

Whether you drink it for pleasure or for health, Green Tea is a great way to protect your smile.

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