Four Essential Oils That Are Great for Tea

Essential oils are potential concentrates made from plant materials. Just one or two drops can be added to a pot of tea for a delicious and refreshing pick-me-up. This is a great way to add flavor and flair to your favorite teas; you can experiment with many different essential oils to discover new and exciting flavor varieties. These are four delicious oils that can be safely used in many different teas and herbal drinking blends. Remember, essential oils are very potent so use them carefully.


Peppermint oil has a bright, refreshing taste that is sure to infuse any beverage with a brilliant flavor. This is a great oil to use in a beverage enjoyed first thing in the morning; the taste will help you wake up and greet the day. Many people associate peppermint with holiday cooking, so consider adding a drop of peppermint oil to a Christmas tea blend. This is a fun and festive addition to black teas as well as herbal tea blends.

Peppermint is an herb traditionally used as a digestive aid; it can help soothe an upset stomach. You can make an instant pot of peppermint tea by adding a couple drops of peppermint essential oil to a pot of hot water. Drink this to settle your stomach following a large meal.


Ginger essential oil has a pungent flavor that instantly brightens up any pot of tea. It is mildly spicy, so only add one or maybe two drops to a pot of tea. This is another essential oil that you can use to pep up your mornings or any other time of day when you need a little bit of extra energy in your cup. Black and green tea varieties are especially nice with ginger essential oil.

Ginger has been used in Chinese traditional medicine to treat nausea and other stomach complaints. You can make a pot of ginger tea by combining a couple drops of ginger essential oil with four cups of hot water.


Lemon essential oil has a very pungent, sour flavor, so only add a single drop to a pot of tea for flavor; if you decide you like the taste, try a second drop. Many people love the taste of black tea varieties with lemon. Try it with English Breakfast Tea or Irish Breakfast Tea. Some people also love light green tea varieties with lemon essential oil. Brew a pot of jasmine tea and try it with a drop of lemon essential oil.


Cinnamon is a very potent essential oil; be careful to avoid getting it on your skin. Just one drop added to citrus tea will greatly enhance the flavor. Slightly sweet and slightly warm, cinnamon is a flavor you will love adding to many different teas.

Try Essential Oils in Tea Today

These are just a few of the essential oils you can add to tea. Try coming up with your own combinations!

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